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Nothing is easier than creating great teams and even more fantastic products …

… so what’s holding you back?


The world is changing faster than ever before

Your organization is growing. There is no shortage of professionals, ideas and initiatives.

But nothing is progressing.

Cumbersome processes, exploding personnel costs, and declining quality.

You’ve tried everything

Restructuring, training, maybe a transformation initiative.
But things are getting worse.

Does that sound familiar?

The recipes for creating great products and building high-performance teams are well known. We know about the weaknesses of organizations, but also about our own human weaknesses and biases.

Why do most executives and companies still not succeed?

My name is Andy Poschen, I like to shape agile organizations and help people get the best out of themselves, products and technology.

My topics are the ingredients for an Agile organization:

  • Product Discovery & Product Ownership
  • Agile Transformation & Organization
  • Product Delivery & Continuous improvement

My Tools are:

  • Personal mentoring & coaching of professionals and executives
  • Workshops and trainings for organizations

My Vision & Mission

My vision is that every company and every employee can be successful with these ingredients.

My mission is to provide the tools and knowledge for this change.

I share my knowledge about this on this website & on social media
as well as in personal coaching, mentoring and trainings.

Invest now in the most important ingredient for a successful organization:

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