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What is a Persona?

Persona reviews

Since personas are not “truths” as described in the previous article, you should review the Personas regularly review:

  • After each Sprint you should measure the results, whose planning is based on Personas, and check for discrepancies.
  • Set a fixed appointment (e.g. per quarter) with all departments that use the personas to question the personas themselves. Maybe the corporate strategy or the target groups have changed? Personas may have to be adapted or replaced.
  • Make yourself constantly aware that there are situations in which the persona is completely unsuitable. Do not fall into the cargo cult that is omnipresent in agile situations: Do something just because you have seen somewhere that it is being done. Or because you have always done it. Stay alert and self-critical.

I hope I was able to give you a broad overview about Personas. I am looking forward to your feedback on the article and your experiences with Personas. Write a comment or twitter about it. Thanks a lot!

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