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What is a Persona?

Create a persona

Important: Limit the circle of personas on the basis of the categories mentioned in the previous articles and choose not to create more than 1-2 primary and secondary personas.

Now you are ready to go:

On the basis of the data obtained in the previous point, a picture of the first persona should have formed. Now you think up a few personal qualities that this person has. So the persona gets a face, a story, a character. And that makes it much easier for the people who later work with the persona to think their way into it!

We start with Master data:

  • First and last name
  • age
  • Profession and industry
  • family status

Then we describe the character of the persona:

  • strength
  • weaknesses
  • targets
  • Disappointments / Challenges

Ideally, we describe the character in relation to the environment in which you are planning. You should therefore not formulate general life goals, but goals in connection with your project/product. If you have a travel portal, the goal of the persona is a travel booking, with sub-goals like: Money save, unusual journeys without package tourists, or similar.

Further fields you should think well through, since the persona should not become too complex and time-consuming. But depending upon context the following fields are perhaps interesting.

Context: Website, e-commerce or similar:

  • Technology affinity
  • Used browser, mobile or desktop

Context: Marketing (brand marketing, online marketing, content marketing, etc.) and design

  • Psychological type (e.g. after the Myers-Briggs type indicator):
    • Introverted / Extroverted
    • Intuitive / Sensoric
    • Thinking / Feeling
    • perceiver / judge
  • Favourite brands
  • Favourite colours, cars, smartphones, etc.

Try to keep these other fields as short as possible and to identify the most important peculiarity of the persona in the context. In B2B it may be the responsibility and hierarchical level of the person, in registration processes technology affinity and data protection concerns are important. Just think: Which factors distinguish people here from people in other environments?

Fills this data best in a standard template. In the next article of this series you will see how this look can be done:

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